Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Every little girl dreams of The Perfect White Wedding Dress that she'll walk down the aisle in. From fairy tales to movies, women never looked as beautiful and as graceful as they did in their wedding gown.

Even all grown up, women fantasize about The Dress whether they are actually engaged or not. If you flip through any given wedding magazine, you will undoubtedly flip past hundreds of models all dressed in wedding couture's finest.

While The Wedding Dress is probably the most important outfit a woman could wear, no one (the wedding industry, family and friends) shies away from emphasizing this One Dress' importance.

When I went dress shopping, I was so intent on finding The Dress—so intent that i stressed out about it. People tell you that you will just know when you find it; that tears will immediately commence and fireworks will go off. But twenty gowns later, I still hadn't found it.

As a bride-to-be, your so conflicted. You have this preconceived notion that immediately upon finding The Dress, something will happen but then you wait and wait...and then you begin to wonder what if nothing ever does.

After trying on 20+ wedding gowns, I was growing frustrated. Frustrated with myself for being so picky and frustrated with the gowns that were out there. I thought I wanted a giant poofy dress but i kept trying them on and nothing was clicking inside. A smile never graced my face. Nothing excited me.

I visited an Ines Di Santo trunk sale at Bella Bianca (fabulous shop, fabulous girls), and after 5 or so gowns Candyce zipped up a beautiful silk mikado gown with ruffle and lace detailing at the hemline. A smile peeked. And then she took a Romona Keveza belt from another gown and wrapped it around my waist. My stomach dropped and my face turned red. Tears ran down my face just like everyone had said.

But was it really the one?

Under pressure that my dress was to leave with the rest of the trunk sale collection the very next morning, I left the store and came back to try it on again that evening. I bought it.

For the next six months, I freaked. I cried because I thought I picked the wrong dress. I was haunted by the canceled appointments I had at other dress stores. Maybe my dress was really there or there or maybe even there.

Every time I saw a picture of a bride, I immediately decided that her dress was prettier than mine. I was driving myself crazy.

I think a lot of the problem stems from the impression that there is only One dress, but what nobody ever tells you is that there could feasibly be more than one dress. There's so much pressure on brides to find That Dress, that you make rash decisions.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my dress. The minute it came back in my size it felt perfect. But I only wish that I would've slept on it and not felt pressured to buy it because it was leaving. Then I would've known I was making the right decision.

In the end, you just have to be sure that The One Dress you end up picking is right for you and only you. And no matter what, don't buy a dress if you feel pressured in any way. Ideally, this is the only wedding dress you get to wear and you want to make sure you feel right about it.

My wedding is only two weeks away and my final fitting is in a few days. I can't wait to see it one last time before the big day. For now I'll be fantasizing about Brandon's face when I step before him for the very first time.

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  1. Awww I love this! No matter what dress you are wearing, Brandon will be both shocked and amazed at how beautiful you are! Can't wait to share in the moment!